Level39 member MYPINPAD has announced a partnership to pilot their flagship ‘PIN on Mobile’ solution with global payments leader Ingenico.

PIN on Mobile is set to revolutionise the mobile-point-of-sale market by expanding the availability of this technology to smartphones and tablets, increasing card-acceptance points around the globe.

MYPINPAD has engineered its own solution, MPES, which securely captures PIN entry on everyday devices such as smartphones and tablets, removing the need for a hardware-based PIN pad. This will allow providers and acquirers to offer low-cost solutions to micro-merchants to grow retail acceptance points.

The tech complies with card-scheme rules and the first pilot is expected to be live in Europe by mid-2018.

Global Head of Mobile POS Solutions at MYPINPAD, David Poole, added: “Ingenico is an ideal partner for our global PoM delivery. Their knowledge, understanding and reputation for securing payments is renowned globally.”

“Together we have produced a pioneering payment solution that is designed to meet scheme requirements. We know that ubiquitous smart devices have a significant role to play in powering the growth of card acceptance points and we expect to lead that drive. PoM has the potential to become the most widespread form of face-to-face payment authentication.”


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