Myriada & EMFX Delegates Predict Renminbi Flotation Date

Level39 member Myriada joined forces with the EMFX Summit to enable experts to predict the future of the markets.

The expert audience at EMFX were asked three questions using Myriada’s technology:

  1. When will the NDF mandate come into effect?
  2. When will the Chinese Renminbi become a 100% free-floating currency?
  3. What will the USD/INR exchange rate be on August 20th 2014?

Myriada’s collective forecasting technology processed these individual results into a collective forecast. You can see the results graphed below.

Click each graph for a closer look.


The EMFX Summit, led by Level39 mentor Jon Vollemaere, is a leading foreign exchange trading forum. The audience comprised of expert traders, analysts, hedge-fund managers and investors. Level39 member Myriada saw this as an opportunity to tap into the collected wisdom in the room.

Myriada’s CEO, Arjun Hassard took part in a panel during the EMFX summit. During his speaking engagement Arjun commented that, “something that we are championing is human predictive intelligence. The ability to predict other humans is a uniquely human ability.”

In the age of algorithmic predictive trading, Arjun and the Myriada team are keen to preserve the uniquely ‘human’ quality of wisdom.



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