Myriada partners with Financial Times

Level39 member Myriada has partnered with Financial Times to enable readers to forecast future events that will effect the financial markets. 

During Alphaville’s Markets Live real-time stream, viewers will be able to use the Myriada platform to anticipate market movements as a group. Myriada claim that forecasting future events as a group provides greater accuracy than doing so individually.

Arjun Hassard, founder of Myriada, will join FT Alphaville Editor Paul Murphy on Markets Live on 1st December at 11am. By making this appearance he is setting a record: at 24, Arjun will become the youngest ever guest on markets live.

The FT aren’t the only team to have faith in Myriada’s system. Lex Van Dam, Hedge Fund Manager, Founder of Lex Van Dam Financial Education and all ’round capital-markets-celeb has said that “The Myriada platform’s slick UI and clever visualisation of data provides a snapshot of the collective sentiment regarding a future event or trend. It’s an exciting, valuable product that can be easily deployed within buy-side firms to great effect”

You can view Markets Live here.

You can participate in Myriada’s forecast here.




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