Name our new meeting room!

Thank you for your suggestions for the name of Level39’s new meeting room on our High Growth Space: 42.

Submissions are now closed, but voting on the shortlist has begun. Vote here.

The room is situated on our 42nd floor – home to fast-growing members such as AimBrain, BABB, Bankable, DealGlobe and will be used by hundreds of members every week.

Roomy McRoomFace is fine, but do try to be original. We’ll be highlighting the best suggestions for our meeting room across social media and will be picking the winning name in a few weeks, so enter your submission now!

Got a novel way to name the meeting room? Perhaps the name could change dynamically? If you’ve got unique suggestions for how the room should be named, Level39 Head Ben Brabyn wants to speak to you!

SuggestionsContributorEntry Date
Heavy FlowCassie straight29th June 2018
The HideawayNick Love29th June 2018
The Ready RoomJames Quittenton28th June 2018
Room For TwoNic Shulman28th June 2018
NemawashiGraciela Cooper28th June 2018
WireframeTim Swift28th June 2018
SprintTim Swift28th June 2018
AcquisitionTim Swift28th June 2018
EnterpriseTim Swift28th June 2018
💬Alex28th June 2018
The Answer to LifeYian Goh28th June 2018
TwentyCharactersNameAlex28th June 2018
Red 5 standing byGold Leader28th June 2018
L42: Lessons In LoveAlex28th June 2018
MeruShyam Peri28th June 2018
Room 5Alex28th June 2018
Hazardous MaterialsDominic Sayers28th June 2018
Actuatenaomi28th June 2018
Mush roomFun guy28th June 2018
ElevateJames Vince27th June 2018
Boardroom 3Jargal Sambuev27th June 2018
TorchwoodLuigi Jacopo Borrello27th June 2018
DisruptPeter27th June 2018
MainframePeter27th June 2018
WinWinPeter27th June 2018
SuggestionsContributorEntry Date

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