Open finance partnership platform mmob signs up partners

Open finance partnership platform mmob has added a host of firms, including PensionBee, Upside, and Glint Pay, to its network as it bids to become a ‘SuperApp-as-a-Service’ provider.

Mmob’s network is designed to help banks and large fintech quickly and easily, with a single line of code, embed a plethora of services to their online ecosystems from a range of industries including pensions, money transfers, insurance, cashback, and household services.

The new partners include online pension provider PensionBee, money transfer service Glint Pay, cashback provider Upside, household services platform Homebox, mobile insurance provider So-Sure, life insurance provider Anorak, and insurtech provider Uinsure.

Irfan Khan, CEO, mmob, says: “As the financial services landscape becomes more decentralised and fragmented, it is essential that financial institutions can find ways to retain customers by keeping them engaged.

“We’ve seen the success that super-apps such as WeChat have achieved and wanted to find a simple way for the banking and fintech sectors to quickly and easily add services to their digital platforms.”


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