AI innovation in Europe: The 2023 computational linguistics landscape

No doubt. We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Since ChatGPT’s release a few months ago, large language models (LLM) and natural language processing (NLP) have been on everyone’s lips. But there are already many more useful tools other than OpenAI’s wunderkind out there. Continue reading to dive deep with us into the world of computational linguistics (CL).

As a startup specialised in AI and CL, we at experience and drive the impact of AI on our daily lives firsthand, both as a user and a developer. Despite deteriorations in the investment climate, methods of NLP and machine learning (ML) are greatly redefining our ways of using computers and language. This is shown, for example, in the still growing number of CL startups across Europe.

We took this as an occasion to create a comprehensive landscape overview of young European tech companies in the wider CL and NLP scene. Thanks to the help of our LinkedIn community we finalised the research project last week.

Technical expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus are generally deemed the most important characteristics of successful tech startups. A deep understanding of the field and the ability to apply this knowledge to create new and innovative solutions are essential to stand out in the CL scene.

Young companies also must be willing to take risks and pursue unconventional ideas, even in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity. Plus, focus on customers to create solutions that actually meet people’s needs is important. This requires listening to feedback and being flexible enough to pivot and iterate based on it.

Let’s now take a closer look at the various CL subfields and product niches and a few of the most promising players that have emerged across Europe. We tried to categorise them according to their specialisations and core products.

Conversational AI

AI engines allow people to interact with machines more naturally and intuitively by using voice or text input. Startups in this category develop products or services with one common goal: to make access to information easier and improve service experience with more human-like and personalised approaches.

Some of these companies focus on building chatbots that are integratable into already existing platforms liking messaging apps and websites. Others develop virtual assistants that can be accessed through voice or text commands, using AI and machine learning technologies such as voice recognition and NLP.

  • ko-bot – personalised chatbot for social media

  • Talk-A-Bot – enterprise chatbot provider for automating communication

  • InteliWISE  – automation of chats for customer service, marketing and sales

  •  – “a digital twin of your best sales person”

  •  – chatbot to improve CX knowledge and management

  • Elias Robot  – language learning solution for English students

  • Front AI – AI-based customer service bots

  • WordDive – app for learning languages

  • Airudit – Voice AI technology

  • Botmind – e-commerce customer support automation

  • Clustaar – chatbot and SEO optimisation

  • Voxist – transforming data with voice

  • Charles – revenue and branding for WhatsApp

  • Cognigy – levelling up enterprise contact centres

  • I2x – collaboration of human and AI for common good

  • – chatbots for customer service

  • moinAI – chatbot for customer conversations

  • Zana Technologies GmbH – conversational AI for the healthcare industry

  • VoiceWeb – speech processing technology and UI provider

  • CrowdM – chatbots for marketing performance

  • Capeesh – teaching foreign staff new languages

  • Cavai –  conversational advertising platform

  • – platform for service interactions without coding

  • Inbenta – online self-service and conversion with AI and NLP

  • Artificial Solutions – provider for SaaS platform Teneo

  • – AI assistant platform

  • Wluper – voice user interfaces

  • Kauz – automatisation of help desks and customer service

  • Heres – “conversation as a service”


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