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2020 has thrown a curveball at organisations, businesses and individuals alike. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, national quarantines have been implemented across the globe, forcing high-street retail stores to shutter down and companies retreat to a ‘working from home’ modus operandi.

Inevitably, this situation has poised several challenges. The most significant being, how can companies pivot online whilst seamlessly continuing to serve their clients and consumers?

CFTE—short for, The Centre of Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship—is a global education platform that aims to equip financial professionals with the necessary skills to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry. With offices in different metropolitan cities around the world, CFTE partners with Fortune 500 companies to build their knowledge in Financial Technology, whilst simultaneously supporting their digital transformation process.

Despite the current systematic uncertainties, CFTE’s mission remains the same. Namely, to upskill learners and ensure that they are well-positioned to embrace FinTech 2.0. In order to maintain the standard of quality that CFTE prides itself on, our team has worked tirelessly to adapt.

CFTE has achieved a lot since the start of March

Understanding that most of our community members and clients are also transitioning to an online set-up, CFTE has successfully moved our physical campus to a virtual campus. Beyond its signature online courses, by utilising digital tools CFTE has been able to offer Fintech conferences, keynote panels, workshops and live courses online during these uncertain times

We wanted to ensure that our learners are still able to access our content and connect to our ecosystem remotely, thus, we launched 2 weekly events—’FinTech Wednesday’ and ‘Inspiring Women Leaders during COVID-19’. Every Wednesday, from 1200 to 1300 hours UK time, CFTE brings together global experts to discuss topics that are currently shaping the financial technology industry. Some of the topics previously touched upon include: ‘How will Fintech be affected by COVID-19?’ and ‘AI in Finance: Use Cases and Applications’.

‘Women leaders during COVID-19’, on the other hand, entails a series of engaging presentations at CFTE’s virtual campus, where women leaders share about their experience of managing their teams and leading successful businesses while being at home. Taking place on every Tuesday at 1200 hours to 1300 hours UK time, the event will also include a networking session, allowing participants to mingle and connect. Some of the speakers that we have hosted include, Tan Ching Ching, Director of The Sandbox at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive at the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

In terms of online courses, we have our signature courses ‘AI in Finance’ and ‘FinTech Foundation’, we are also focusing on launching new programmes, catering to the current demand that we see in the industry. At the beginning of the year, CFTE began filming for our new courses that were scheduled to launch in 2020. Despite the geographical constraints we are currently facing, we have remained undeterred and will proceed with releasing ‘Open Banking and Platforms’ and ‘Regulation Technology’ as planned.

In the meantime, we are also currently accepting applicants for our Extrapreneurship programme, in partnership with Neat, a Hong-Kong based challenger bank. Designed for individuals looking to launch their own FinTech start-up or build a career in digital banking, participants will experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a rapidly expanding start-up, whilst learning about innovation frameworks from successful FinTech founders. Perfect for those looking to join the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

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