From Intern to Creatives’ Executive

I first interned at Creatives For You (C4U) as a content writer. I thought that was all I’d be doing — I have never been more glad to be wrong! I ended up working on:

  • Writing everything! From web copy to social media posts.
  • Learning where and how to source and edit graphics
  • Webpage layout
  • Marketing

I also got an insight into business planning and management from the Founder, Ekta, who involved me in anything I was curious about. I worked closely with her and the offshore team, boosting my communication skills and getting comfortable with remote working (a skill that came in handy in 2020!).

I got my foot in the door by accident. Ekta was a guest speaker at my university and I told her I loved the idea of the platform. In that room of creatives, I was the only one who actually sought out that connection. Networking had felt like a daunting task but sometimes it can be as simple as telling someone you love their ideas!

C4U taught me opportunities are everywhere if you’re confident enough to find them.

When I joined I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to write; Ekta let me dabble in everything. It was definitely challenging; there was a lot to learn! I quickly found it’s much easier to learn skills and techniques when tackling real problems than simply learning about them in class.

A real writing job is vastly different to university — you don’t polish a piece, submit it, and let it go. You bring something to the table and pull it apart together. You pull out the best bits and shelve the rest. You stop being precious about your work. You communicate. You bounce ideas off each other and build them into something miles better than you could build on your own.

Actually creating ideas and pitching them in a real business setting isn’t something you can learn from a lecture.

Developing my skills in this practical way was irreplaceable.

I never felt like an intern. I was given just as much responsibility and free rein as the rest of the team — I was given the opportunity to fail at things. I learned about different mindsets, forever changing the way I respond to feedback with the shift to a growth mindset.

I learned the real-world applications of my skills and gained lots of new ones. The chance to try out your skills and get things wrong is vital, to learn to see mistakes as opportunities to grow.

Working with C4U built my network, grew my skills, and massively boosted my confidence.

I began working for a medical company as a copyeditor, something I would never have had the confidence to apply for before. I know a lot of writers who could have applied for the job, but few who have the confidence to put their skills out there.

Thanks to C4U I had copywriting experience on my CV and had the confidence to use it!

I also got a job in sales at Samsung, a role where my skills in concise persuasive language came in handy — from the interview to the sales floor.

After 2 months of chasing Ekta — I have returned to C4U with the new title of Creatives’ Executive! But this time, I play a larger role in the company from handling communications with strategic partners to managing workflow — among other things!

I am bringing the skills gained from my time in sales to the table: my communication, my pitching of ideas, and my self-management have all been enhanced by my experience. I’ve learned the transferability of my skills and that they are important whatever role you’re in.

I am back on the Creatives Crew because our values align and I love being on this team! I love the environment of constant growth and I finish every workday with stronger skills than I started with. Returning to C4U has already helped me gain more writing work and move towards my long-term goal of writing for a living!

Truth is, my internship broke me out of the ‘need experience to get experience’ cycle we all find ourselves in when trying to break into an industry. C4U helped me gain the confidence and skills to pursue writing as a career (something I love), and the connections I‘ve made here are priceless.

I have grown a lot since I first joined C4U and want to bring my skills back to the company that helped me get started so that I can help others progress on their journeys.


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