Payfriendz partners with Paysafe on its P2P social payments app

Payfriendz, the Level39 member which provides a social payments app serving Millennials, has partnered with Paysafe group, an international payments provider, that provides PSP/Acquiring services as well as a virtual MasterCard to the P2P social payments app.

Payfriendz is a social chat and mobile payments app which allows users to easily send, request and receive money from friends and contacts. Once funds have been collected, users can transfer the money to their UK bank account. They can also shop online using a virtual MasterCard® card linked to their Payfriendz account.

Payfriendz also contains a group feature to collect funds together for group purchases. There are no charges to users for receiving or sending money, messaging, topping up with a UK debit card, transferring to a UK bank account or using the virtual prepaid card online.

Volker Breuer, CEO Payfriendz, commented: “Our vision is to make social payments fun. To deliver an outstanding app and payments experience for our users we need a world-class payments specialist to seamlessly integrate into our platform. We chose Paysafe – with all its experience and reach – to join us on our journey and make people #forgetcash!”

You may also have witnessed PayFriendz’s #cashdress making a splash at London Fashion Week – they adorned a shift mini dress with 600 £2 coins – highlighting the public’s spending behaviour as the UK makes a move towards cashless transactions.


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