Pepsi Bulgaria boosts sales using Level39 member Singular Intelligence

Singular Intelligence, the Level39 member and analytics, AI and big data startup, today announced it boosted Pepsi Bulgaria’s Q1 sales by almost 15% this year.

Pepsi Bulgaria is a business partner for Singular Intelligence, and they were using the platform to focus their activities in their market and predict scenarios which leads to better sales efficiency.

Singular Intelligence provides its users with a SaaS-analytics platform for marketing and sales to enable hyper-personalised customer experience using AI and contextual data.

This means that clients get insights significantly faster at considerably lower cost for better promotions, conversion and retention of customers.

“We are thrilled by the potential of this partnership. The Singular platform helped us to analyze better our performance by giving us insights that are not possible with conventional systems. The prediction scenarios feature also help our marketing and sales managers to take more focus decisions on promotion and distribution. We have seen a fantastic quarterly sales increase of almost 15% between Q1 2015 and Q1 2016 ,” said Tamir Shabat, Pepsi Bulgaria CEO.“

“We are very proud to have Pepsi as our business partner . It’s a pleasure to work with early adopter companies keen on trying new technology. We are also happy and proud of the tangible benefits that we were able to provide them, and, because it’s a machine learning based system, we expect even better results in the future” said Sarvesh Kumar, Singular Intelligence CEO.


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