Pirean: From Level39 Member to Wharf Tenant

Level39 members Pirean made history today: they became the first member to graduate from Level39 membership to become a tenant of Canary Wharf Group plc. 

Pirean, who are a globally recognised IAM solution provider, joined Level39 in June last year as office members. They soon went upstairs to the High Growth Space, and today claimed their own real-estate as they signed a five-year lease on 2,259 sq ft on the 34th floor of One Canada Square.

Both Team39 and Team Pirean were very pleased with the news. In fact, it was quite difficult to stop them talking about it…

Eric Van der Kleij, Head of Level39, said:

“This is an entirely new model for property occupation, and it all started at Level39. It has always been our intention to help high-potential tech companies grow by providing them with the tools and environmental factors that they need to expand. For Pirean to convert from ‘member’ to ‘tenant’ before Level39’s first anniversary is a testament to what we’re doing here, and bodes well for the future of Canary Wharf’s technology community. We’d also like to wish every success to Pirean!”

Stuart Wilson, Chief Executive of Pirean, said:

“Canary Wharf Group enabled us to grow our London presence from scratch, providing the flexibility and support that we needed during a period of rapid growth and expansion.  Level39 provided an excellent environment for creativity and collaboration – and it’s an important part of the infrastructure that we are looking forward to benefiting from as tenants of Canary Wharf.”


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