Plio launches compliance management platform beta

Plio, the Level39 member and on-demand platform for compliance management, today launched its platform in beta mode with a 30-day trial. 

Steve Ives, entrepreneur and founder of Plio, started the business following his frustration and inability to find a low-cost compliance platform for smaller organisations.

“There were plenty of packages out there, but they all followed the older model of enterprise software. You had to buy a licence, and either install the software on your own hardware, or pay the vendor to install it on your behalf in their hosting centre. Either way, it cost more than we were prepared to pay. After all, compliance is a support function in the business, and not the driver of the business.”

The Plio platform tracks exceptions and risks, provides a document database, real-time discussions, notifications and alerts.

It replaces the disorganised stream of e-mails, spreadsheets and documents which compliance processes can easily generate.

For more information and to start the trial, click here.


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