Prime Dash opens its first operations center in Great Britain through the program developed by the Government Agency Department for International Trade (DIT) of Great Britain

Prime Dash recently joined Level39, the worlds most connected tech community based in London, in the UK. Level39 hosts a diverse community of technology startup and scaleups that brings together 1,250 leaders in areas such as retail tech, FinTech, cybersecurity and more. Within this tech hub, all member companies benefit from a business environment in which they will be helped to grow and scale their business internationally. It also benefits from useful resources such as access to a unique network of mentors and partners, dynamic workspaces, virtual and in-person, partnerships and collaborations and cutting-edge content.

Thus, on September 15th, 2021, Prime Dash opened its first London office in one of the largest Financial Districts in the world, in Canary Wharf. This is an important step because the company will have access to the opportunities offered by the British financial system through its presence in a globally important financial center that has always been characterized as a mature market in embedded finance and digital banking.

Prime Dash’s future plans

At this moment, Prime Dash has completed the integration with the QuickBooks accounting software and is preparing for listing in its Marketplace, an important step through which they want to access a market of over 5 million users globally. One of the company’s goals is to attract an investment of 1.2 million euros to help it open new markets and integrate other cloud accounting software by the end of 2022, such as Sage or Xero. Therefore, it will regard another 4 million SMEs in the UK and over 50 million users globally.

All these integrations aim to create digital solutions for the end-users but also to pivot towards embedded finance technologies. Through this pivot, financial institutions will have access to API-level solutions. Companies in different areas of activity will be able to access financing resources that offer extremely fast processing. These advantages mean both saving resources and increasing the efficiency of the company or financial institution.

The next step that the company will take is to expand its activity to European and Middle Eastern markets in view of the fact that Prime Dash can allow the analysis of source data in three financial reporting systems: IFRS, US GAAP, and SYSCOHADA. Through these systems, Prime Dash can cover 140 countries. Currently, the company operates in three continents: Europe, North America, Africa, and has important international partners such as Microsoft, Mazars, or Grant Thornton.

Level39 is by far the most interconnected technology community globally because it supports businesses with a high growth rate by providing access to customers, infrastructure, and world-class human resources. The community helps businesses scale their business through mentoring, access to dynamic Canary Wharf workspace, but also through a calendar full of the highest-quality events and facilities.

Prime Dash
Prime Dash is a provider of financial solutions for companies and the financial sector that are currently in the process of digitalization and want to develop a smart financial ecosystem. It is based on a series of original algorithms carefully controlled by ML and AI that allows automatic, fast, and efficient processing of large volumes of data to help increase operational efficiency, continuous financial analysis, reporting, and proactive risk management.
Prime Dash offers its users, whether they are companies or financial institutions, very good communication between its products, so both parties have something to gain.
As for SMEs, Prime Dash provides Decision Maker, the tool to increase profitability and benefit from a virtual financial consultant based on Artificial Intelligence.
Regarding financial institutions, Prime Dash has developed CMP, the solution that allows continuous client monitoring, eliminating a large part of the risks associated with lending operations and maintaining a degree of protection in partnership. Prime Dash is a member of several important communities such as Microsoft 4 Start-Ups, DIT, Level39, London & Partners, RoFinTech, or European Banking Association


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