ProConfirm Acquired by US-based

Level39 members ProConfirm have been acquired, a fellow electronic-audit confirmation provider based in Brentwood, Tennessee. 

ProConfirm was founded by two former PwC auditors, Samuel O’Connor and Adam Goodall, to plug a gap in the audit confirmation procedure. Both gentlemen are pictured above, with Sam on the left and Adam on the right.

The two cofounders built their business at Level39, and yesterday announced that ProConfirm was to be acquired by US-based The ProConfirm team will head up UK operations for, and help the US firm expand into new European markets.

David Malone, Senior VP of extolled the virtues of having Adam and Sam on-board

“Having Adam and Samuel as part of our team allows us to better serve our growing customer base in mainland Europe. We are thrilled to have them on board and to have their expertise as we grow the European market.”

The news has already broken stateside, with the Nashville Post covering the acquisition! Adam Goodall is looking forward to a fresh challenge as he and Samuel take on their new roles.

“There is huge demand for an electronic audit confirmation system in the UK and Europe, and Samuel and I are really looking forward to expanding the company’s presence in this important market”


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