RequirementOne and CityFALCON announce partnership on Regtech Solutions

Level39 member RequirementOne, a leading end-to-end compliance regtech platform, has announced its partnership with fellow Level39 member CityFALCON – a curated financial news service platform.

RequirementOne is using CityFALCON’s technology to keep clients updated in real time about the latest financial news that could potentially impact their compliance environment.

“CityFALCON’s innovation sits well within the RequirementONE eco-system of partners and is helping our clients to offer the transparency and data needed to stay informed about news and views globally,” said Neeta, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of RequirementOne. “With CityFALCON, clients receive all the information needed for taking informed decision based on developments in financial news that is relevant to their organisation. It’s a great technology.”

RequirementOne is a flexible decision-making platform for managing compliance, regulatory updates and is designed to empower compliance user. The flexible AI and workflow allow for a real-time control of the compliance environment for banks, insurance companies and asset managers and enables tighter lines of defence.

CityFALCON is one of the leading news aggregators and curators on the market. With their innovation, CityFALCON is providing RequriementOne clients with relevant news by filtering out all the unnecessary noise.


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