Reward Technology partners enterprise tech giant Software AG

Reward Technology, the Level39 member which revolutionises the way businesses reach and interact with their customers, will be empowering Software AG to enable instant customer-recognition, tracking and personalisation of interaction in stores, hotels and other venues.

Combining Software AG’s location analytics with Reward Technology’s RFID connectivity technology, retailers will be able to link shoppers’ purchasing and web-browsing history once they physically enter stores.

The analytics will also notify retailers if an item they’ve been looking at online is available in store.

Barriers to participation are a crucial pain-point for on boarding customers – that’s why Reward Technology has also rolled out a partially-automated registration process, requiring little effort from shoppers.

“We are delighted to be working with Software AG’s dynamic team, who have a great can-do attitude , they bring immense expertise in software integration around the emerging IoT technology sector where our seamless connectivity solutions gravitate towards,” says Paul Sheedy, CEO of Reward Technology.

The Level39 member has also been busy forging partnerships with futuristic East-London menswear fashion store, The Dandy Lab, giving them the technology and insights to understand customer behaviour, shopping patterns and more.

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