RiskSave needs your support for Pitch@Palace

Financial advisory fees may be a thing of the past if Level39 member RiskSave gets the support it needs – the businesses headed up by Dan Tammas-Hastings uses technology to significantly outperform a traditional retail portfolio, with less risk. 

They were selected for Pitch@Palace, the competition established by The Duke Of York, which has seen more than 200 businesses pass through its rank – many of whom are now enjoying global success.

To cast your vote and bring RiskSave into those leagues visit this link: http://pitchatpalace.com/contestants/risksave/

“If our idea works, billion will be transferred form the financial industry to the public, to those who need it the most – the average pensions pot has £87,000 but a third could be lost due to fees over their lifetime – let’s give back to investors and pensioners, a vote for us is a vote for fairer finance” says CEO, Dan Tammas-Hastings.


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