Say hello to our friends from Norway! #TEA2016

Every year since Level39 started we’ve been the proud hosts of Innovation Norway’s TEA programme

The programme brings top Nordic businesses into Level39 for six months, giving them an experience of working from the 39th floor of One Canada Square. The businesses vary in stage, but usually come with ambitions to conquer the UK and European market.

We’ve welcomed some groundbreaking businesses over the years, including Huddlestock, Islero and Corporater.

This year around we’ve got 8 companies joining –  here’s the list:


The style community app which lets you play around with high-street brands, share style ideas and combine products on mood boards. Don’t trust us on it, trust Alexa Chung.

Virtual Spend

A Norwegian-American business – they make it easier for Nordic citizens to shop from the US. They give you an American address AND a prepaid MasterCard registered to it. Then they forward on the package to your place back home – nice!


This company has a network of remote sensors, satellites and data feeds to keep a track of natural assets. Think water, fuel, raw materials. With that kind of data clients can be supremely informed of the risks and opportunities related to natural assets.


3D gamified training simulations. Yep, you read that right. This is training on steroids. This team, with offices in Norway, Sweden, the US and now Canary Wharf – works with a wide range of retailers in transforming staff behaviour and performance through the power of gamified simulation.


Lighthouse8 are an international engineering company – they specialise in media, business intelligence and ROBOTS! (digital marketing robots, but still robots)


Europe’s first 100% web-based ERP system delivered on cloud. 24SevenOffice is based on modules and gives everything a medium-sized business needs in one integrated system. And if that’s not enough, they connect with over 200 third-party solutions.


This business aims to support people with reading or writing difficulties, namely dyslexia. Through their software solutions they made the process of communication easier and more pleasurable.


One of Norway’s largest IT companies (we’re not just for startups, you know) – Evry work across a range of industries and just yesterday announced a cloud partnership with Google!


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