Scaling Up into The Columbus Building

Level39 supports businesses through every stage of their growth journey. From early beginnings in our co-working spaces to high-quality private offices. Finally, a business joins the institutions on the Canary Wharf Estate as they’re scaling up.

Scaling Up.

We have taken three Level39 members into the Columbus Building in Canary Wharf. A space for innovators, scale up businesses and the future of finance.
These three high-growth businesses will remain alumni of the Level39 community entitling them to a host of benefits. 


On the potential of high-growth businesses, Small Business Minister, Margot James, said: “High growth businesses make a big contribution to growth and productivity. They also create around one third to a half of all net employment growth amongst established businesses” 
We are committed to supporting these high-growth businesses as they contribute to national productivity and security. These are the businesses best suited to taking space in The Columbus Building.
It is important to nurture businesses who have scaling ambitions. High-quality infrastructure coupled with modern, open design is a key ingredient. Proximity to a concentration of global institutions turbocharges growth.

First Movers.

The first company to take space is Motive Partners. This New York VC is investing in the future of financial services with a fund of up to $500m.
To fuel this growth, the Columbus Building offers 160,000 sq. ft. of grade A office space across eight floors and is a few minutes walk from Level39. The next companies taking space are a challenger bank and cybersecurity scale up, both from the Level39 community. 

Going Global.

Members of Level39 join with global ambitions. The Canary Wharf Group turn those ambitions into reality.
Want to learn more? For early-stage businesses, join our community by emailing We’ll send you our pack. 
Or a scaling business looking for high-quality space, on attractive terms?
The Columbus Building is in the heart of London’s future-finance community. Speak to Canary Wharf’s leasing team for more information. (,


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