Singular Intelligence teams up with Shekel bringing retail automation to market

Level39 member Singular Intelligence has announced a partnership with leading retail sector manufacturer, Shekel Brainweigh, to bring a joint retail automation solution to market.

The technology, powered by Singular Intelligence’s AI software, aims to trim part of the 4-6% annual revenue lost through inefficiencies.

A lack of real-time knowledge on products available in the store or on the shelf are a key driver for a lack of stock, shrink and customer experience issues.

Physical retailers are under increasing pressure to deliver in an increasingly digital world – and with the potential for global automation to hit a $19bn market valuation by 2023 – there’s huge potential for this offering.

‘’We are augmenting and automating decision making for humans and machines in the Industry 4.0, which improves performance and eliminates unsustainable inefficiency and wastage, essentially a result of millions of sub-optimal decisions in the entire value-chain”, said Sarvesh Kumar, CEO of Singular Intelligence. “The Singular Intelligence solution brings tangible operational and financial gains in excess of 10% to both FMCG brands and retailers. It’s a real game-changer.”


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