sync. announces £5.5m funding total and invites all early access users to download app  

London, 4th August 2020 – sync., the all-in-one financial service utilising open banking, has announced it has closed a £5.5m seed and pre-seed funding round and is launching the app to early access users across Europe today.

sync. is an exciting new smart financial service that combines a host of useful features into one beautifully-designed app. The all-in-one hub allows customers to open a sync. account in minutes, utilise open banking and hold and transfer different currencies at great rates.

The London-based FinTech announced it raised a total of £5.5m through pre-seed and seed investment earlier in 2020.

The start-up originally postponed its public launch due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and feel it is now the right time to move ahead after gathering feedback from existing users testing the app since March.

All 37,000 registered early access users on the waiting list can now test out the app’s features without an access code.

Members of the public can also download the app from the iPhone and Android app store and test the BETA version of the app.

Ricky Lee, CEO and Founder of sync., said: “I am excited to give our early access users the chance to use sync.’s incredible features as we scale up. We are now looking to increase the number of sync. customers gradually and have the product grow alongside our users.”

“The team has already achieved so much since we founded sync. in 2019, and we have a lot more planned for the near future, from launching 30+ currencies, to budgeting features and premium accounts.”

App features 

sync. is more than the latest must-have FinTech card. The app utilises open banking tools to show users all their existing bank accounts alongside the sync. debit card in one simple, user-friendly home screen.

Users can instantly transfer and hold money in different currencies using great exchange rates and spend their funds with physical cards around the world with no fees, and use online cards in the app for virtual purchases.

Security features such as a hidden, changeable CVC number and online cards give customers an added level of security. Users are encouraged to generate a new CVC number via the app after every transaction. In the event of a data hack, this helps to keep their card details secure from fraudsters.

The sync. team, based in London, UK and Malaga, Spain, is already planning to add many new features to the app in the coming months. Plans include adding 30+ currencies, advanced budgeting options, supervised accounts, a premium offering and much more.

About sync.

sync. is an innovative money app, launching in the UK and Europe in August 2020. It provides a simple and secure way to manage your finances by giving you complete control of your financial life in one app, in one place, as one experience.

The app allows you to open a GBP and EUR current account; link all of your financial accounts – such as bank accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages, and transfer money worldwide at competitive rates. Order a sync. card which can be used in millions of locations around the world, and use online cards for virtual purchases.

Find out more at or download the app for iPhone and Android.

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