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Level39 member Vesuvio Labs is a tech partner working on innovative Fintech and Insurtech ventures. Insurance is on the brink of a true transformative change and there is good reason to believe so. Whether it is the rise of the sharing …

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Leveraging Conversational AI in Financial Services – Strategies & Tactics

Join DisruptionHub as we present an evening with one of Europe's leading experts in AI and the Future of Work - Dr Ronald Ashri - as he highlights the benefits, impact and future of Conversational AI in the financial services …

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How ML & Digital Transformation can help Insurers gain a competitive edge

A networking event to explore ways of integrating new technologies into the Insurance legacy infrastructure. About this Event Vesuvio Labs is an Insurtech specialist based at Level 39, One Canada Square - the largest connected tech community in London. Automation and Machine Learning …

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ClauseMatch moves into InsurTech following pilot at Lloyd’s Lab 


L39 member ClauseMatch has presented the results of its pilot project as part of Lloyd’s Lab second cohort and has moved into the InsurTech space.  The pilot was created in collaboration with four mentor firms from the Lloyd’s Lab - running …

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