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L39 member CFTE gets accredited as CPD Compliant in the UK


Level39 member The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE), is delighted to announce that its online courses are now accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. CFTE is also a certified and accredited organisation of the CPD Certification …

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FINTECH Disruption Leadership Morning Session

EXPLORE THE IMPACT OF DISRUPTION IN THE FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY ON LEADERSHIP, ORGANIZATIONS AND CULTURE  The Center for Creative Leadership`s (CCL) Global Leadership team would like to hear from you as a FinTech leader about the challenges you face in disrupting the Financial …

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Business Opportunities in Blockchain and Cybersecurity

This is a business seminar, not a tech course. You’ll NOT learn how to code, but how to grow the business, and you’ll get access to a global network of like-minded business leaders. * Full Training One entire day of training with …

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Corporate Learning and Innovation in the Digital Transformation Era

Learning and innovation is now more important than ever. The finance sector is being inundated with new technology and intelligent automation is transforming the way humans work. How can we make sure people have the skills they need in their work in …

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L39 member CybSafe named as Security Training Provider of the Year


Level39 member CybSafe has been named as the security training provider of the year in this year's Security Excellence Awards. Spanning 20 categories covering every area of security, the awards recognise leaders in cybersecurity and cyber innovation fields. Claiming the award, CybSafe, …

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