Nancy González-Rivera

Ecosystem Development Manager

Nancy joined Level39 in 2014, and from inception has worked with multiple departments across the Canary Wharf estate to deliver best in class customer experience to our members, colleagues, and visitors. Until early 2021, Nancy led our Community team, providing friendly and tailored support to our community across the 3 floors we occupy in One Canada Square.

'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' - Eleanor Roosevelt

Nancy now leads Ecosystem Development, supporting our 1,200 members to achieve scale through the curation of high-quality weekly curriculum and regular connections to industry experts and growth opportunities. Nancy is constantly working to grow Level39’s network of mentors, investors and partners, encouraging collaboration, investment and partnership with our member community.

Nancy first moved to London in 2008 after completing a Bachelors in Medicine in her home country of Mexico. Outside of work Nancy loves spending time with her son and is passionate about children’s health and wellbeing.