tech industry has appetite for female advocates

Adizah Tejani, Level39’s Ecosystem Development Manager, has been advocating on behalf of advocacy. 

In an article posted today on Tech City News, Adizah issued a call to arms to all women in tech.

Adizah is proud to be a woman in the technology industry, and she asks all her female colleagues: “If you are a woman in tech, when was the last time you told your story? How did you get to where you are?”

Readers of Tech City News’ recent print edition will have been treated to a teaser of Adizah’s article in the ‘Is this a Man’s World?’ section. Adizah was featured alongside other female role-models such as Kate Jackson, Shara Tochia, Emily Brooke and Bindi Karia in a feature that addressed the industry’s gender imbalance, and called out the ‘elephant in the room’.

To read Adizah’s piece in full, click here.


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