The Cancer Platform Announces Seerave Foundation as latest Co-Founder

Transformational grant from Seerave Foundation powers the next phase of the Cancer Platforms’ development

The Cancer Awareness Trust is delighted to announce a new Co-Founder, David Rees. David is the first philanthropist to come in alongside our Founders. Founders Professor Sir Chris Evans and Dr Rajan Jethwa are joining forces with David Rees together with his philanthropic foundation, the Seerave Foundation.

The Seerave Foundation is an innovative family foundation inspired by personal experiences and driven by the vision that every cancer patient should have access to personalized, holistic cancer treatment and care. The philanthropic foundation of the Rees family is led by a highly motivated interdisciplinary team of PhD level scientists, bringing together a diverse set of skills and experiences across science, engineering, design thinking and entrepreneurship. Seerave’s mission is to act as a catalyst between institutions across borders and disciplines to accelerate research and innovation around the relationship between the human immune system, cancer and dysbiosis in the Microbiome.

Seerave Foundation’s donation is substantial and transformational, not just in terms of philanthropy, but of deep collaboration on several of our development plans, sharing in our vision and mission to transform every cancer journey by making validated and relevant information more easily accessible.

Further announcements in the coming year will detail the specifics of the collaboration, including plans for utilising the deep data insights our platform will gather to accelerate patient-relevant innovation and treatment, to raise the profile of the role of microbiome science, and to enhance our existing work on cancer and nutrition and more.

“Seerave’s purpose is to catalyze research and innovation around the symbiotic relationship between the human immune system and the gut microbiome to identify new and more holistic approaches that will help oncologists and their patients defeat cancer more effectively. When health care systems are under ever more pressure, we strongly believe that well informed, pro-active patients can contribute significantly towards an effective and personalised treatment journey by enabling a more holistic dialogue with their oncologists. The Cancer Awareness Trusts’ platform will be crucial in enabling this dialogue by ensuring relevant and validated information is available to patients and their families. It is a great privilege for me to have found such driven and aligned individuals and to have been asked to join them in building this legacy platform.” David Rees, Founder, The Seerave Foundation.

“The board and I are thrilled to announce Seerave Foundation as our latest and one of our most significant impact partnerships to date. Seerave, the Foundation inspired by the incredible energy and focus of philanthropist David Rees, are joining me and my team on the mission to transform the cancer journey for all at the most critical point of our development. I am looking forward to this powerful collaboration delivering on our shared missions. Together we will get there quicker and make lasting change for everyone affected by cancer.” Professor Sir Chris Evans, Founder, The Cancer Awareness Trust.


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