The VR/AR meetup at Level39

For the second year – we’ve invited the best virtual and augmented reality businesses to expo at Level39 for the VR/AR Meetup at Level39.

This year was even bigger and better with the involvement of Blippar, Zappar, Inition and more.

Held jointly with the support of PwC’s VR/AR division at the end of July, this meetup attracted more than 400 of the industry’s brightest minds to spend an evening networking and discussing the future of the industry. You can view the LinkedIn write up here.

Divided into zones, the evening began with pitches from VR companies and the opportunity to try out VR/AR experiences in gaming, AR, training and advertising industries.

Exhibiting companies included:

Blue Hire are some of the best specialist in UK for providing advanced and standard audio/visual equipment for exhibitions and events including VR booths (F1 simulators, football header plinths, etc), robots, drones, video walls and all types of VR/AR hardware.

Blippar is a technology company specialising in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision. Since its foundation in 2011, Blippar has been developing world-leading augmented reality and showcasing it through the Blippar app, the first augmented reality browser.

Zappar makes some of the best tools out there to allow anyone to create immersive high end Augmented Reality experiences. Zappar also creates AR/VR/MR experiences for some of the world’s largest brands.

INITION is a multi-award winning technology innovation agency specialising in the development of immersive, installation-based experiences, they have worked with many of the world’s largest brands bringing great content to new technology platforms including virtual reality, augmented and mixed realities, innovative interaction devices, specialised display screens, holograms and haptics.

Octagon Studio is a startup tech company with a speciality in providing Augmented Reality (AR) products and solutions. We provide solutions powered by highly realistic and optimized 3D content, and using this modern technology, we strive to elevate education system in terms of its engagement, interaction, efficiency, and fun factor.

The Third Floor Inc are a world renowned visual studio working in VR, film, television, games and themed attractions. They work with some large brands and film studios including including, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, , Audi, BMW, Pepsi and many more. uses 3D Deep Learning to automatically convert single images of objects into high quality 3D models for XR. We are a web-based, software-only solution and specialise in automatically converting large e-commerce catalogues with hundreds of thousands of items to 3D.

Auggd is a leading augmented reality specialist committed to providing a comprehensive and modifiable cloud solution that facilitates the visualization and interactivity of content.

VRGO is the worlds first locomotion controller for VR that utilises the users tilt motion to move throughout VR. The Kickstarter backed VRGO delivers precise analogue touchpad input to all HMDs such as the Vive, Rift, Samsung GearVR and the Oculus Go.

Blend Media have built the largest library of premium 360° Video/VR films, available to license for use in campaigns across social media, Virtual Reality headsets and WebVR, and they run a global network of expert 360° Video Creators. is a platform to create collaborative VR experiences where all users can have a fully interactive experience. Great for training and simlulations across all industries.

Admix is monetisation platform for VR/AR developers enabling non-intrusive, programmatic product placements within VR and AR content with a few clicks.

PwC advises clients across all industries on how they can derive business value from VR and AR technology including the development of proof-of-concept prototypes.

MutinyMedia is a revolutionary production company born out of a desire to make cutting edge engaging VR & digital content for all. Promoting international brands, communities and organisations they provide crew, equipment and post production solutions enabling the creation of immersive 360 VR content, explosive features, fantastic commercials and cutting edge documentaries.

VividQ specialises in hardware and software for holograms, holographic displays powered by VividQ can offer the most immersive, full-depth 3D experience without the need for glasses or optical tricks.

Happy Finish is a global creative production studio, dedicated to excellence in visual storytelling using VR, AR & Mixed Reality and Creative AI.

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Image Credits: Eric Vidal / @i3_Digital
LinkedIn write up: Here


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