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Using Zeeve’s no-code stack, Enterprises, Blockchain Start-ups, Blockchain Consulting companies and Web3 Developers can deploy Blockchain nodes and Decentralised Apps within minutes, and manage them with advanced analytics and real- time alerts. It supports all the major public blockchain protocols including …

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EverChain UK

After seeing unprecedented success in the USA, EverChain decided to launch a UK branch: EverChain UK. Across these two branches, the primary aim has always been to create a truly compliance-focused debt sale platform.  Here at EverChain UK, we help lenders …

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TWIXIS Ventures

TWIXIS Ventures is a team of strategic thinkers, Investors, designers, and advisors with expertise in applying emerging technology to solve their client’s business problems. TWIXIS provides a curated flow of strategic insights, targeted connectivity and actionable business opportunities, and believe …

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