UK Government selects Credits as official blockchain provider for public services

Credits, the Level39 member and blockchain platform provider, has been selected by the UK government as an approved supplier of distributed ledger technology. 

The Government Digital Services’ Digital Marketplace (the government’s official platform for public sector organisations to procure cloud and digital services) will offer Credits’ Blockchain-as-a-service for public sector departments to take advantage of blockchain tech.

Central and local government, devolved administrations, health, education, emergency services, defence, and not-for-profits will all be able to take advantage of Credits’ platform to build on top of a blockchain groundwork.

‘Credits is pleased to have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 8 platform. We are excited by the huge potential of Distributed Ledger Technology for many different government and public sector applications, and are looking forward to working with UK public sector organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their services for UK taxpayers’ commented Nick Williamson, CEO & co-founder of Credits.

In a recent UK Government report on the use of blockchains, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Mark Walport, wrote:

‘…distributed ledger technology[,] has the potential to redefine the relationship between government and citizens in terms of data-sharing, transparency and trust‘.

Sir Mark highlighted several areas DLT could help with governance:

  • Traceability in aid spending
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Registering assets such as intellectual property, wills, NHS health data and pensions
  • Reducing benefit fraud.

DLT has been actively supported by the UK Government since former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne’s, 2015 budget, and very recently by Bank of England governor, Mark Carney:

‘The great promise of distributed ledgers […] is their potential to enhance resilience.’

Credits’ G-Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service runs on secure cloud infrastructure powered by partner UKCloud (formerly Skyscape). The G-Cloud agreement follows Credits’ 2015 success in supplying its blockchain framework to the Isle of Man Government, and the launch in April 2016 of Credits’ public blockchain PaaS.


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