Valamis provides insights into innovation in corporate learning and development

This week Level39 member Valamis presented insights on Corporate Learning and Innovation in the Digital Transformation Era at an event here at Level39.

The morning started with an introduction by David Wilson, Fosway Group about how learning and development (L&D) has changed in the workplace.

According to research by the Fosway group a quarter of the workforce are now millennials who value and expect progression and development as increasinglyvaluable in the workplace. “Learning is also the #1 reason people want to join organisation or leave it.”

“Currently, corporate L&D does little to create effective learning and doesn’t test if it was of actual value. Most learning is also not personalised or adapted to current skills on a one-to-one basis.”

Following this, Janne Hietala, Valamis spoke about how automation will change learning requirements to reskill in the workplace.

“Learning is changing with the digital transformation. Next generation learning software is the way forward and L&D needs to be more strategic, operational and personal.”

Janne highlighted some of the most sought out skills in organisations are behavioural such as adaptability, problem solving, creativity/innovation and leadership. He also outlined some of the best learning software available.

The last speaker on the event was Dr. Charles Camarda, NASA who had the following to say about L&D in corporations.

“Culture is important – as NASA we were more logic focused and did not have a team to develop other skills and strategies within the organisation which are more behavioural. This is why at one point, NASA was on course to fail.”

A problem in large bureaucratic organisations is information flow up and down. The first step is acknowledging there is a problem in the organisational function. Once identified, the ecosystem should be adapted to inspire, challenge and motivate people by utilising the individuals’ interests and passions. This will result in a happier and more productive teams.

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