ValueStream makes first non-US investment in Closir

In a break from tradition – ValueStream, the NY-based venture capital firm, has made its first non-US investment in Level39 member Closir.

The London-headquartered start-up which helps institutional investors connector with corporate investor relations teams in emerging markets, announced that ValueStream decided to make Closir their first investment outside of the States.

Closir has grown rapidly since its inception in August 2014 and now joins a handful of other rising FinTech stars as part of ValueStream’s accelerator programme, ValueStream Development Lab, which focuses on institutional financial services.

Michael Chojnacki, CEO of Closir said: “We’re delighted to join the ValueStream Development Lab. US institutional investors account for the largest pool of investment going into Emerging and Frontier Markets today. Our partnership with ValueStream extends our platform to this audience.”

Closir has been working with over 100 listed companies and institutional investors and plans to launch the beta version of their platform later this month. Stay tuned.


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