Veridu make Bitcoin Poker More Secure

Bitnplay, a bitcoin-only poker platform, has teamed up with Level39 member Veridu to bolster their cyber-security. 

Bitcoin-only poker is a burgeoning industry. If you search ‘bitcoin poker‘ on Google, quite a few different platforms appear. However all are facing challenges when it comes to their transactional security.

Whenever money is exchanged online, it is usually a legal necessity to know both parties in the transaction. This is primarily to avoid money laundering. However, a key element of Bitcoin is that it enables users to remain anonymous.

Veridu’s ‘social ID’ enables poker-players from all over the world to play anonymously on Bitnplay, whilst reducing the risk of money laundering.

Level39 member Veridu determines the credibility of the user’s identity by looking at their social media usage. Veridu acts as an external ID gateway, and analyses a potential player’s Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, for example, in order to determine whether their identity is reliable.

Andreas Anastasiades, founder of BitnPay, was pleased that their new verification system will help them police against under-age gambling.

Rasmus Groth, CEO of Veridu pictured above, has stated that BitnPay are showing their willingness to innovate by integrating Veridu’s Social ID technology, “we are excited to work with [BitnPay, who are] positively disrupting both the gaming and bitcoin industries with new, relibale and inexpensive know-your-customer process.”

Ramsus also stated that users of the internet should be allowed to dictate what information they share on the internet. “Online sites should only ask for the absolute minimum amount of information required to enable a transaction”




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