Veridu signs Dubai property crowdfunder DURISE

Veridu, the Level39 member which quickly and efficiently verifies users’ identities, has signed a fantastic new client: Durise.

The Dubai-based real estate crowdfunding site enables everyone to purchase small percentages of properties; opening up the world of real-estate market investments to a greater number of people.

Veridu will be working with Durise to ensure basic ID checks are delivered efficiently alongside bank-account verification that the crowdfunding company is also doing.

To complete the checks Veridu collects data about individual investors from social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Through advanced algorithms Veridu then calculates a score that tells Durise how trustworthy the collected information is. The information is used to eliminate fraud and create trust.

Said Rasmus Groth, CEO, Veridu: “We’ve come along way with our technology and Durise is yet an example of a client that have been on the lookout for an easy, inexpensive and quick way of identifying their users and getting to know them a bit deeper than just by their name and bank account.”


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