VIDEO: Microsoft’s Hanan Lavy on Collaboration & Coding for Kids

Hanan Lavy, Director of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel Aviv, chatted to Ben Goldsmith about collaboration between big & small businesses, and coding for kids.



Some of Hanan’s advice below.

On collaboration between big & small tech businesses… 

“Small companies are usually doing things that big companies can’t do. Not because the big company lacks engineering power, but they usually move very slow!”

“Being acquired isn’t always the best solution for a small business”

“Sometimes founders should take another risk, and take their company to the next level, rather than exit to a big company”

“Remember: big companies are made up of individual people – it’s all about networking”

On coding for kids… 

“I partnered with a mid-sized business to sell my solution… when I was 12”

“When I was kid I wrote code for other kids to use. ‘K2K’ – the kid to kid sector!”

“The kids who are learning to code now will be the next entrepreneurs who build $1bn businesses”


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