videodesk: Why do we need human interaction?

Introducing videodesk. The new Level39 member which facilitates face-to-face interaction between large corporates and their customers. 

In a world of automated services, artificial intelligence and machine learning – videodesk facilitates a service that is becoming increasingly hard to come by – human interaction.

Through a platform which combines video, audio chat, messaging moments together with screen sharing, document collaboration and product demos in one continuous conversation, videodesk helps companies catch up with the way people communicate today, and are making remote interactions more productive and efficient than real-life experiences.

A new member of Level39, videodesk recently joined our accelerator to strengthen their financial services customer base – connecting with the extensive network of institutions who visit and work with Level39 on a daily basis.

Watch managing partner Gurval Caer discuss not only videodesk but the future of the bank branch and the importance of human interaction in the video below.

And for more information on videodesk click here.  

For more information on videodesk click here.


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