VoguePay awarded best emerging online payment platform in Africa

VoguePay has been awarded the best emerging online payment platform in Africa at the recent African Information Technology and Telecom Awards 2016.

Held at the Kempinski Hotel Gold in Accra, Ghana – VoguePay were recognised as industry leaders for their contributions to advancing online payments in Nigeria and Africa in general. 

VoguePay took the opportunity to reiterate their commitment to championing online payment security. CEO Michael Simeon state that VoguePay’s financial framework is designer to meet the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) while also deploying several second-level authentication protocols to prevent unauthorised access to accounts.  

The VoguePay product includes algorithms such as geo-location monitoring, behavioural pattern analysis systems, transaction pattern monitoring systems, IP monitoring and many more technologies in place to ensure comprehensive security.

Director of Compliance and Marketing, Geoffrey Weli-Wosu noted that the award was well deserved considering their status as Nigeria’s first payment platform to offer free account opening for merchants and the first to facilitate bitcoin transactions.  

VoguePay launched in 2012 to make transactions and payments safer and cheaper for businesses, traders and consumers in Africa and internationally. The platform now boasts tens of thousands of clients across four continents and can serve the needs of the 20 million SMEs operating in Nigeria.  


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