VoguePay partner to power Bitcoin Transactions in Nigerian Naira

Level39 member VoguePay have partnered with iceCUBEDX to enable allow clients to trade bitcoin using the Nigerian Naira.

To this point, most Bitcoin exchanges have enabled users to trade using the dollar, sterling or euro currencies. Following this recent partnership, Nigerian users will be able to transact using their native Naira.

VoguePay provide the online wallets whilst their partners at iceCUBEDX have created a bitcoin trading infrastructure.

IceCUBEDX have previously enabled clients to trade in crytpocurrencies using the South African Rand, opening the Rand Bitcoin exchange in August 2013.

This partnership is another milestone for VoguePay, who recently triumphed at Nigeria’s .com awards.

VoguePay’s Geoffrey Weli-Wosu, quoted here, is very pleased with the recent announcement, and wants to bring more Africans into the online market place,

“Building relationships with reputable companies such as iceCUBED in South Africa, who are also focused on making e-payment accessible to as many people as possible; we will continue to set the pace of the Nigerian online payment industry. The example we are setting will pave the way for young African entrepreneurs to foster better business relationships, making the online markets more accessible to millions of Africans”


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