What if Founders had a smart way to swiftly build the right teams all through the start-up journey?

Level39 member, Opportuneur announces the launch of a smart way for founders to swiftly build the right teams all through the start-up journey : the E4T Platform.

As Pete Flint [GP at NFX] says, that would be “like being part of a SpaceX launch and can be the driving factor for a [start-up] to achieve lift-off.”

What is the right team?

The right team is one that not only has the collective depth of domain expertise needed but also has the collective entrepreneurial ability that elevates the potential of the start-up team to levels not possible without the individuals in the team. We call this, entrepreneurial boost.

 Why does entrepreneurial boost matter?

Entrepreneurial boost is the core fuel for start-up success. It results from the right team. “In company [start-up] building, success comes down to the [right] team. The team is the product… and the best product will win.”  Pete Flint [GP at NFX]

George Mubipe, Founder & CEO of Opportuneur commented, “Every successful founder probably knows the truthfulness of Pete Flint’s words and yet every founder knows how hard it is to consistently put together the right team.”  This is the exact problem that E4T solves. Unlike founder-talent matching platforms that match based on domain expertise only, using algorithms, E4T calculates entrepreneurial boost, the new unit of account for successful start-up teams. 

With this metric as its basis, the E4T marketplace enables start-up founders to find invite-only talent that create entrepreneurial boost for their specific teams, and for the start-up challenge at hand.

By enabling founders create teams with boost at every stage of the start-up build journey, E4T arms founders with the necessary ‘fuel’ for significant lift-off and success.

Please sign up on the E4T Platform here to find talent that will create boost for your start-up team


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Would you like to know more?

Contact name:            Racheal Mubipe

Phone number:           +44 20 3856 0313 [Marketing Team]

Email Address:      racheal@opportuneur.co.uk / info@equity4talent.com


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