Yoobic Win #HackTheRack

The team led by Level39 member Yoobic have won the inaugural HackTheRack.

The team of retail technology and crowdsourcing experts, developed a data-led solution that helps car-rental firms recover their dispersed fleet by offering deals based on pre-planned routes.

Fabrice Haiat of Yoobic explained their victorious solution like this: if a car-hire company need a vehicle that is currently in Lille to be in Leeds in 24 hours, they would usually pay a member of their team to drive the car back. However, Yoobic’s solution would enable the hire-company to post an offer on their website that enables a customer to complete the journey on their behalf. The offer would read like this:  ‘Leeds to Lille between 23-24th May. Price: free!’ If this idea was properly executed it would mitigate a logistical and car-recovery cost.

In recognition of their victory, Yoobic receive a cash prize of £3500 and an opportunity to further conversations with Datawatch. Second prize of £1500 went to the aptly named ‘Team Awesome’ who developed a conclusive dashboarding service for supermarkets.


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